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Church of the Ascension Car Show & Block Party

A few prayers were needed to keep the clouds kind and rains away.

It worked! What a fabulous day it turned out to be. The rain held off until we were already home. Yay!

As usual, Larry had a great group of quality rides show up for the day. Obviously, the weather reports dictated to the faint of heart to just stay in the garage. While the strongest of will made a day of it.










Hmmm! Apparently Mike wore the right shirt!

Eli entered his VERY FIRST car show ... with is VERY OWN car!

Shine'er up!

Bunches of us gathered and enjoyed the opportunity to chat with old friends, namely Bill Van Buskirk.

3 supervisors 1 worker. Where have we seen this before?

Georgia helps Eli mount his new custom plate.

4M ELIAS. Amazing, this is exactly how he spells his name. Unusual as it may be, the plate is from California and was part of a collection of plates for sale at the trophy table. What are the odds?!

Nicely done ...

... all SCA Rides were looking crisp today!










Sue knits. Not, Sue sews. Can I order a scarf for Christmas?


Larry Clem is one busy host.

The flea market was thin ...

... but that's because the SCA nearly wiped them out! Thank goodness Eli brought his nomad! Right Cis?


That's one BIG BOX of BLING!

Roger wins his very FRIST TROPHY!

Sue can't wait to show Bill.

Bob & Nancy, winners!

Felice & Ed, trophy please? Aren't they just the cutest couple?

Sue ... make that two for two here!

And like Roger, Eli, ALSO takes home his FIRST. For years Eli would go up and collect Mike's trophies ... no need to this time!

Bob heists another!

Georgia ... of course she won. Have you seen her ride?!

Mike & Cis take 'Larry's Choice!' Congrats to them.

That's one happy bunch of SCA Members!

Time to prepare for the rain.

Shoo bee! Shoo!

Dang it! And all that work, too!