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... more Mystery Cruise - Castle Grounds

Walk from the parking lot to the castle











The castle


The walls are covered with recycled aluminum newspaper printing plates



He named the knights Night and Day



Interesting fences

Solomon's workshop

If you need it, it's probably here somewhere

If he couldn't find a tool, he made it


A cat with a heart on!

Bike in progress

Solomon's residence


Replica of the Alamo



Cannon from sewer pipe and bowling balls


Boat in the Moat Restaurant

Replica of the Santa Maria

He actually built this to 3/4 scale

Later in the year, the moat will be full of water from rain

Cannons were also made from sewer pipes


Outdoor patio restaurant

Second restaurant on the hill

Inside the boat restaurant

Additional space on the hill

Getting down to food - this club really likes to eat!

Afterwards, Rooms to Go has another meaning!