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Sneaky's Show

Gettin' ready to mount up.





... and all of 30 seconds on the road ...

... we arrived at Sneaky's.

A very proud SCA representation ... thank you ALL!

Carolyn's 'Vette seen looking pretty good ... despite what she may have thought.

More SCA glimmer!

The guys were smiling & waving.

So were June, Carolyn & Sam.

More sweet rides.



Look what the trailer delivered from Maine ... just the evening before ... Ed's NEW hot rod!!

Here's Gabby's bird's eye-view, who was helping with the photos of the day's event.

Say cheese!

... Roy.

... Dave.

... Anyone seen Sam?

It was great to see Paul ...

... and his 'Vette, too!

And here's the little photographer ... Gabby!

Bob, "The Bridge" between North & South 'Vette Club Presidents.
Roger Herrington, President; Corvettes of Southern New Brunswick wth Mike (far right).

Sneaky's helped celebrate 15 years of matrimony!

Mike proudly thanked everyone for their fantastic support, on such short notice.

Congrats to John & Roy for their awards!
John & Sue - 3rd place
Roy - 1st place

Steve & Sandy win a DVD player!

Lucky ... ehm, I mean Toy ... wins AGAIN!