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Annual Treasure Island Christmas Parade

Wow, not a cloud in the sky!


All decorated and ready for the holidays!

Eli & Tyler proudly displayed our SCA Banner!

Lined up and now heading down to the start of the parade.

Bill, Herb, John, George & Carol, Roy and Scott's ride.

Mike & Ciss.

Rick & Barb.



Gabby & Shannon.

Some really fine work!

The boys in the lead.

Not a bad show!

Just great stuff in this parade, there's no doubt about it!




Heading over the bridge.

Charles ... all smiles!


Santa ... is that you? Nice sleigh!!

Here's June & Jerry's beautiful home, on the south-side of the bridge.

A very nice procession of SCA Members.






Ah, here's Santa and his helpers.


Our community heroes were there ...

... and so were Jeff & Sonja and the boys, cheering us on!

That was a lot of work ... time for some renourishment!


We had a very enjoyable dinner to end our super day!