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OctoberVETTES 2005

The early caravan stops for its usual breakfast.


A little rain didn't dampen our fun pool-side Friday evening!





Before we knew it, it was time to vote ...






... for our best dressed Hawaiian!

Karen was our winner!

Congrats, Karen!

Alan & Chelby, clearly all smiles.

Bernie & Lucy.

Carol & George.

Ed & Cindy.

Phyllis and Karen enjoying the fun night.

The sun was surely shinning bright come Saturday morning!

SCA 'Vettes lined up and ready to shine!

Larry & Joyce.


Eli, George & Mike were at it again this year.


A much improved effort by Eli's hot rod, thanks to Dave!


Then we settled down for our traditional peanut fight ...

... Alan was dodging them all night.

What's another pool-side party?
Saturday night was great for SCA conversation!



The jokes were sure flying around the pool-side ...



... with many smiles! :)

Jeff & Sonja were living it up with their boys.


Larry & Joyce certainly had fun.

Ed & Bernie laughing it up, too.

Oooo, go ahead and R-E-L-A-X!


We'll look forward to seeing you all here next year!

Everyone wave good-bye!