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Dimmitt Corvette Show

We all met at Automotive Engineering ...

... and shot down U.S. 19 for the cruise northward.

We just couldn't resist the temptations of the horsepower gods ... and several jumped off the line.
Click here to watch the screaming video!

Once arriving to our destination ...

... the line was very long ...

... but we eventually got parked and settled in.

We had 18 registered SCA 'Vettes! And several to come out and support our efforts as the day went on.





Thank goodness for the oak tree. We'd be in big trouble if lightning or hurricane winds ever take that perfect tree away.

There were many familiar gorgeous hot rods who attended the SCA's 13th Annual Pier Show present.













Hey, what happens to Corvettes when they misbehave?
Apparently the same thing as children ... you go sit in corner and don't come out until you're told to!
Bad 'Vette, very bad!

Joe & Kellie's Flash Wax was a vendor hit!




Alan & Shannon enjoy the refuge of the shade and good conversation.

Kristina, Tom (enjoying a cold beverage) & Vicki.

Jerry, Tom & Alan.

Enjoying the shade was certainly a premium ...

... while Tom looks like he was in a Corona commercial.

Mark and new member Michelle.

Roland & Cis checkin' out the scenery.

A view from the canopy of shade.

Here's Jim ... gotcha on film!

George, Carol, Tom & Kathy.

Phyllis & Dave made it, too!

Here's Charles & Tina's Corvette.

Here's a look down SCA Row!

Lucy, Bernie and their grandson, made some shade of their own.

Before we knew it, the day had past and trophies were ready to be presented.

Greg Capone just lives on pressure!

John Wilson of Auto XTC takes home C4 1st place.

Bernie takes 3rd place in the C5 class!

Jerry takes 2nd place in the C6 class!

Cheri, Bernie & Georgia - holding the Club Participation trophy! Congrats to the entire SCA!