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'Vette Fest I (Inaugural Event)

Our caravans still met and took off from our favorite McDonald's.
We're so bad!

And after a quick pit stop on I-4 ... we'll be in Old Town!

Friday evening's pool side party was an SCA blast!

Here's the gang from several different views.

Chelby, Kellie & Joe.

Larry, Karen, Shannon & Dave.

Dave & Chelby ... mmm, pizza!

Joe & Ron LOVE pizza!

Shannon & Dave got down to the Y-M-C-A!

Phyllis & Dave.

Mike & Alan.

Tami & Dave enjoy a good laugh.

Chelby, Karen & Mike share more smiles and fun.

Phyllis, and Shannon & Dave bump'n and rub'n.

Corina enjoyed a refreshing dip in the pool ...

... and Josh did as well.

Hey! ... there are children present!

They were having so much fun in that other club ...
... they needed to get a room!

Time for more, Y-M-C-A ... hey!

Mark & Tami cut a rug of their own.

Breakfast at Cracker Barrel ... what else can we say?

Mitzi & Larry.



Dave, Phyllis & Mike.

Beth & Ron

Mark & Korina (reaching for Dad's professionally detailed miniature ZO6).

Joe & Kellie.

Mike ... shoveling it in. Mike loves Cracker Barrel, can you tell!

After breakfast we meandered over to Old Town ... for a change!

Here's George & Carol's 'Vette with a couple new modifications.

Once again we had a solid ...

... SCA showing at Old Town!

Mark & Josh detailing their ZO6.

The passer-bys enjoying ...

... what we had to show.

Our waiter provided us some extreme laughs to remember for a long time to come.

We took time to get in a couple photos

... in between our annual peanut war ...

... while waiting for meals to arrive.

After the sun went down, we gathered around to enjoy some ...

... snacks and beverages, while taking part in our tradition of passing around the camera.

George and Nikki.

Karen, Chelby & Larry.

And here's another shot of the gang.

Phyllis & Dave.

Ron & Beth enjoy the evening pool side.

Kellie & Shannon. Here's to Corvettes & good friends!

Nothin' like a cold beer to end a hot weekend of fun!

Snowball is a real SPEED FREAK!