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SCA Halloween Party 2006

Let the party begin!

Ready for our guests ...

... no matter how they pulled in!
Ernie & Millie outdid themselves and just blew the compitition away!

As always, the line quickly builds for the delicious feast.

The ZO6 Birds & Pink Ladies hit the buffet.

Wigs were certainly in fashion this year.!

Bill, Ronnie, Vera & Paul.

Here's Merlin (K.C.) our DJ for this year's party.

A couple close-ups ...

... of Ernie & Millie's absolutely incredible work.

Here are a few shot of us get'n down on the dance floor.


Sister John & Sister Madonna.




Dave & Karen.

Carolyn & Chelby.

Millie, Tom, Kathy, Felice & Ed.

Peace brother ... Jack & Linda, and Ron at the far right.

Roxanne & Roy.

Ronnie & Bill ... hey, be on the lookout for Bill, he looks like he means business.

The Greasers share the floor with the hippies! Dave & Phyllis, Mitlon & Gisela (Cher & Sonny) and Georgia & Roland.

Time for a little Hand Jive ... go Alan go!

Ernie & Millie burn some rubber on the dance floor.

Ed knows dancing!

SCA Members cut a rug.

Larry & Dave jammn' out some guitar licks.

More from the floor.



Carol & George enjoy a slow dance.

Chelby & Tami.

Alan's got moves!

Dave & Cher (Milton) grind it out!

Ernie & Millie took these great images. Thanks Ernie & Millie!
Get'em George!

... but watch out for Cis & Mike ...

... and Ronnie & Bill!

A guy, his gal and his ride!

Get down Jerry ... and June!

Rock 'n Roll!


Tami knows her dance moves.

John, ... and Madonna, were behind the mask.

Dave knows rock!

Mike had WAAAY too much fun!

What a bunch of groupies!

What a beauty!

The 12 strings of swing!

Thank you all for another incredible party!
And yes ... we'll definitely be back next year!