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Ferman Show

Jack & Linda provided these super images. Thanks Jack & Linda!
The SCA once again takes home the Club Participation big prize!

Sandy, Georgia, Steve & Kathy.

Steve & Sandy's sweet ride.

Georgia's hot rod glistens in the sunshine.

Shannon & Doc having a good time.

Larry, Dave, Karen, Alan, Mitzi & Chelby.

The gang hanging out and enjoying the cooler weather.

Fantastic showing of SCA 'Vettes.

Shannon & Joe work the Flash booth.

I wonder if Georgia was a little cold?
Joe & Shannon (with a towel!).

Ed provided these great photos. Thanks Ed!

From this photo, you'd think Ferman was located in the Northeast.

All smiles.

The valve cover races ... always a fun time.

Great conversation ...

... seen everywhere.

Steve and his ride.

Felice, Jack, Linda & Shannon.


Steve & Sandy.

Another look at the day's SCA representatives.

Felice, Natalie, Doc & Jim.

Flash Wax ... get it!