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... more SCA Christmas Party 2006

Get down ... SCA Members!
Cis & Larry.

Line dance ... and hip partners of '06 ... Shannon & Dave!

Marie & Jack.

Cathy & Mike.

Georgia & Walt.

Linda & Ron.

Marie, Cathy & Mike.

Oh no ... here we go again!
What a tramp he is!

The $$ were ...

... coming in from everywhere!

Marie took control.

'Look at all the women!'

Mike was in his glory!

Keep it coming ...

... he has a couple 'Vette payments due.

Okay, that's enough! ... Somebody find his shirt! ... PLEASE!

Bernie, Lucy, Carol & George.

Ron & Linda.

Kathy, Tom, Jack & Linda.

Mark & Tami.

Jeff & Sonja.

Paul & Vera.

Bill & Ronnie.

Jeff & Vera.


Ernie & Millie win the big door prize!

Georgia takes home the Corvette Gauge Thermometer!

Charlie (Ernie accepts) & Laura win the Flash Distributors' basket. STUFFED with AWESOME car detail kit & products.

Linda wins Kellie's basket of Ladies' Care products!

Georgia presents certificate of appreciation, gift certificate to Target & cash collection to Shannon & Mike.

Mike & Shannon thank everyone for an incredible year. 'We truly enjoy what we're able to do for the club. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!'

Shannon, Mike & Georgia.

Roland & Mike ... nice couple!

Roxanne & Roy.

2006 SCA Members!

Mike ... already counting his heist!

Kathy & Tom.

Kellie, Joe & Shannon, grinding it out.

Mike & Cis.

Jack & Linda.

Dave & Phyllis.

What have we here!?

What happened ...

... to this club!?

Kellie ... Egyptian number one...

... Tami ... Egyptian number two ...

... Shannon ... Egyptian number three.



What a great time had by all!