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Dimmitt Corvette Show

We were there early to grab up all the SCA required spots!

Kathy & Gorge, enjoying the shade ... a valuable commodity.


Tom joined in the retreat.

Jeff & Ed enjoy an occasional breeze.

Goldie & Georgia pose for the little birdie.

Larry, Ron & Paul stole a great idea from the beach!

Heres are a few more looks at our polished possessions!


Rick was out networking the SCA brand!

Karen found the absolute best location to relax.

Dave joined her for some much enjoyed R&R.

Here's their ZO6 baby ... complete with new ground effects.





A couple of the newest molds showed up to strut their stuff.


A look around at the festivities.

There were about 110 Corvettes on display, this day.







A look at the big prizes.
I wonder how well the SCA will represent?

And wouldn't it be nice to bring this monster ... to the October meeting?

Our SCA door prize winners ... Dave was very first with this 50th Anniversary clock.

Bernie took home a really nice Corvette polo shirt.

Larry will be sipping his favorite adult beverage with his new koozie.

George walks away with a 50th Anniversary collectible coin!

Georgia wins in a three-way tie for 1st in the C3 class.

Bill takes 1st in the C4 class.

Mike enjoys a tie for 1st place in the C5 class.

Ron wins 1st place in the Custom class.

And guess what?
... You WILL get to see the Club Participation trophy at the October meeting!

The SCA winners pose with their trophies!

M.G. tried to escape the camera ... ... he won a commemorative Corvette key chain.

Clean up is aways a fun when we are so admired.

1st place C1 class' trailer seen reflecting the images of the day.

A very proud cruise down U.S. 19, ... on the journey homeward.