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Church of the Ascension Car Show & Block Party

We met at Albertson's parking lot.



Georgia rolls in ...

... 'Excuse me sir, but could you tell where I can find the nearest gas station?' 'Why yes, there happens to be one right over there.' ...

... 'Wow, that was convenient! And just in time, too!'

Fantastic rides everywhere.



We had some awesome shade, thanks to the beautiful oak trees.


Jerry was just chillin' out!

Georgia & Mike.

Alan, Chelby & George.

Nice view!


Here's another spectacular view.


Did we mention the gorgeous trees?


A couple bikes made their presence known.

We were all in VERY GOOD HANDS at this show!

There were games for the kids.

And some for the big kids, too.

There were lots of inexpensive items for sale.

You can't have a family day without one of these for the kids.


The older hot rods were out in force.


This photo says it all!

Nice paint work! More than 80 hours just in the masking to prepare for the finished work!


The SCA again cleaned up on the trophies! First was Geo.

Here's a real cutie.


Ed was next.


Tom & Kathy win.

Mike & Ciss, too.



Alan caught checking out the day's competition.

Georgia & Roy were also winners.

Alan & Chelby win big ...

... with best late model!

John & Maddona also take home a trophy.

Georgia wins top honors for her hot rod!

Club Participation won by ... yep you guessed it, the SCA!! Congrats to all who came to enjoy the day!