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... more Seminole Mall Show

Mike and his dad enjoyed Father's Day together!

Mike and his mom.

Gabby's 'Vette!

Lunch at Telly's with the Karrs.

Before we knew it, the show was over and it was time to pack it in for another year.



More teamwork, this time Georgia and Mike ...

... but it looks like Ciss wanted to keep shopping.

Tom, all about business.


Randy was ready to help guide everyone out.

John seen wheeling out his stuff.



Adrian, Randy & Dave.

Little known fact, long before becoming President of the SCA, Mike was a bag boy at Publix.

One last look down the mall.


Carolyn fires 'er up ...

... and Roy is right behind.


Time for some artistic license ...

... COOL!

All lined up at Mama's Kitchen!

Tom pulling his into place.

A permanent

And here are a few more views of our display.