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SCA Member's Progressive Dinner

We started our fab-feast at the Kash N' Karry!


'Vettes were everywhere. 21 of our rides followed one another all around Pinellas.

Hey is that Larry ... or Danny Devito?


On the road ...

... to Georgia & Roland's for the appetizers/hors d'oeuvre.

Our SCA Rides were ...

... spread all over.


Dave & Mitzi.

Ed, Felice, Judith & Cecil.

Then we hoped in our 'Vettes and shot off to Mike & Cis' for greek & pasta salads.


We filed in nicely at Mike & Cis' cool pad.

Nine 'Vettes in Mike & Cis' driveway ...





We sped off to Alan & Chelby's for an Italian feast of entrees!

Taxi? Yeah, that's just the trouble with these events, you can't find a taxi anywhere!

Alan & Chelby had a few cool rides in their front yard.



Georgia, Randy & Carolyn enjoy the poolside weather.

Roland and Eli spar photography skills.

Tom, Millie & Lucy enjoy good conversation together.


Before we knew it, we were at Ed's for some seriously delectable delights. Tom's strudel was to die for!


Natalie & Doc.

Ed's neighbors were kind ..

... to allow us to use HALF the culdesac!



Bill, Chris, Dave, Karen, Chelby & Alan.

Lucy, Larry, Dave, Phyllis & Bernie.