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SCA Corvette Display and Charity Dinner

We gathered at Big Lots parking lot ...

... and melted in the August sun for about 15 minutes.

Tom & Ed (not pictured here) dressed in SCA spirit.

Tom, Bernie, George & Steve.

As you can see, we had a beautiful collection ...

... of SCA 'Vettes to display!


Walt takes a walk.


Cis & Cathy enjoy conversation, with Margot & Steve in foreground.

Ed, Felice, George & Bernie.

Bernie & Bill were dressed well too.

We had a great caravan cutting through the neighborhood.

Carol & George enjoy the buffet.

Lucy & Bernie.

Chris & Bill.

Mike, Roland, Bernie & Len patiently wait for a refreshing beverage.

Tom & Kathy.

Charlie presented.

Shannon, Ed, Felice, Georgia & Cis.

Here's trouble ... Georgia, Mike & Cis.

Georgia & Mike, Tom & Kathy on the dance floor.

Then Cis & Georgia cut a rug!

Look ...

... at ...

... them Go!

Gisela & Cathy.


Walt, Milton, Gisela & Cathy.

Tom & Bernie look like they're ready to ride!