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Suncoast Corvette Association

President - Jack Tipton
Vice President - David Currens
Treasurer - Roger Mogle
Activities Coordinator - Linda Bauer
Newsletter Editor - Jack Tipton
Sales - David Currens
Show Chairman - Bob Bryce
Webmaster - Mike Karr
By-laws Committee - Bob Jankowski
By-laws Committee - Bob Bryce
By-laws Committee - Bob McLachlan
By-laws Committee - Joe Bennett

Just exactly, who are we?

We meet at 7:00 PM the first Wednesday of each month at the Largo Community Center, 400 Alternate Keene Rd., Largo, FL 33771. Phone: 727-518-3131
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The Largo Community Center is located on Alternate Keene Rd., just north of East Bay Dr. If you're on East Bay Dr., you turn onto Alternate Keene Rd. (which is located between Keene Rd. and Highland Ave.), heading northbound, and follow the posted signs to the Largo Community Center.

The annual club dues are $40.00 per year for your immediate family. If you join after July 1st, the dues are $20.00 prorated until December 31st.

Most of our activities take place on a Saturday or Sunday. Occasionally we leave on a Friday afternoon, if it's a special event.

The third Wednesday of the month we get together at a local restaurant at 7 PM, just to hang out and get to know our  members a little better. The Calendar of Events page shows you the locations for our Dine Out Nights. We have a great time socializing.

We'll do progressive dinners, where we drive to different members houses for each part of the meal, salad at one house, entree at the next, etc. We take mystery rides that try to enhance the Corvette driving experience. At the end of the ride we go to a restaurant where we have a good time socializing with each other.

Once in a while we take overnight trips to any place that looks like it might be fun.

We attend local car shows. Sometimes they are sponsored by us, but more often they are put on by another club. We wash and polish our cars and enjoy hanging around with other Corvette people. It's fun to see some of the older Vettes at these shows and we always finish up the day a local restaurant.

Our annual picnic is very popular and a great time had by all.

At least once a year we parade our cars around a local High School football field for their Homecoming Queen celebration. We eat lots of fun foods those nights!

We sometimes scheduled trips to the Corvette Museum and the Corvette Factory Tour in Bowling Green, Kentucky. You should go on one of these if you've never made the pilgrimage to the National Museum.

At the end of the year we have a Christmas Party. No one misses this one! Everybody shows up!

We also really enjoy participating in various charity events throughout the year, and make charitable donations whenever possible.

Please feel free to review the Suncoast Corvette Association By-laws and club's brouchure.

Our Motto

"If it's a hassle, we don't do it."

SCA Club Photo - Taken 3/7/19

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Club photo taken just before our Annual Memorial Day SCA Picnic. We had many of our beautiful rides come out for this spectacular photo opportunity!

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