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Automotive Engineering Car Show & Expo

Jack took these great photos. Thanks Jack!
In spite of the in climate weather Mother Nature surely promise to deliver ...

... we came out 17 SCA rides strong and took home the prize!
But instead of $500, we had one less zero at the end.

We certainly won't look a gift horse in the mouth. $50 is GREAT!

David & Doris' ride.

Georgia's 'Vette.

Milton & Gisela's '67.

Jack & Linda's sweet 'Vette.

Mike & Cis' C3.

George & Carol's fine ride.

Ed's hot rod.


Ron & Jodi's C5.

Tom & Kathy's sweet C6.

Bernie & Lucy's ZO6

June & Jerry's 'supercharged' screamer.

Ernie & Millie's yellow trail blazer.

Ken & Chrie's '63 race car.

Ron & Linda's '63 Grand Sport.

Jerry & Cheri's fabulous custom 'Vette.

... and lastly, Shannon's 'other' SS 'Vette!

Mike & Gabby accept the Club Participation trophy!

Cis takes their prize.

Georgia wins!

Ken accepts another trophy. He's good at this!

Jerry is once again, all smiles for his supercharged C5!

Carol wins her FIRST trophy!

Ron grins ear to ear.

David proud winner!

Jack knows trophies.

Tom wins another.

Ed's victorious.

Ernie walks away with another for Millie.

Mike & Gabby make a return trip to the trophy stand!

Harry & Jacob are just thrilled!

Bernie does it again!

Ron, no stranger to the trophy platform.

Jerry ... another one for the case.

Milton wins big.
And Jack (not pictured) also won his own trophy.

Roland took these fine shots. Thanks Roland!
Just pulling in ...

... and getting those SCA Rides to shine!

Bernie poses below the Clearwater Causeway ...

... while showing off his new custom interior. Fabulous work!

Mike & Cis's '81 under the causeway.

Jerry & Cheri's.

Bernie & Lucy's.

What a great way to finish off a fantastic day!
CONGRATULATIONS to all our SCA Winners!