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... more Classic Corvettes and Collectables' Tours

Mike & Bill were ready for a real treat.

Carolyn, Georgia and Randy are too.

Bill, Tom, Dottie & Roy.

Just a little sticker shock?

Oh boy, here we go again!
I see 'Toy' has his eye on another one!

Tom & Dottie said farewell after the tours.
We wish them the best of luck, and look forward to a visit from them in the future!

Shannon said, 'Don't even think about it buster!'

Mike, Pat & Steve.

Hey! ... there was just as sweet a showing in the driveway too!!

Ronnie enjoyed the day ...

... as did the rest of our SCA Members.

Al, gave a warm-up speech.


Very nice rides, everywhere.


This one was like my Dad's favorite Hot Shop cruiser!



What a great way to finish off the day!