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Dimmitt Corvette Show

Thank you to everyone who came out to support the SCA!


Our SCA 'Vettes we all lined up.





And our members grabbed up all the available shade.


Even our newest members ...

... with their games.

There were many beautiful 'Vettes as usual.








We had a ball!

Shannon was making her rounds ...

... and so was Ed.

Gott'a love that shade!

And now for the winners ...
Bill! - C2 Class

George! - C4 Class

Larry! - C6 Class

Ron! - Custom Class

SCA Congrats to:
George, Larry, Ron & Bill!

Here's a close up of one of our fine trophies.

Afterward we had a little show at TGI Fridays ...

... for a little supper!

Say ...


Georgia & Mike discussing something that looks important.

Dave & John.

Bernie, Jeff & Goldie.



Love that shade!

Ed & Geo.

Mike & Shannon with brand new Lobo!

Alan & Chelby take turns with Lobo.

Sandy gets her prize a new Corvette clock!

Mike shares his prize to eclipse the blazing sun!

Bill gets his trophy.

George with his trophy.

Larry poses with grin from ear to ear.

Ron is also all smiles!