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Ferman Show

We began our great day at our usual McDonald's ...




... and before some of us knew it, the road trip flew right by!


What a combination of 'Vettes!

Having a thumbs up time!


Just a monster "add-on."

Elvis was in the lot ...

... and so was Andy Pilgrim!

Here's a bird's-eye view of the new Viper Eater.

What a 'beaut! No matter the price!

Food! Where?
Jerry & Eli were ready for another contest!

The band was great.

Santa was off to an early start.

Our SCA rides were looking fine!




Andy, please sign here ...

... and here.

Got chrome?


Got cash? Eli had an entrepreneurial day ...

... with his rent-a-R/C C6, complete with Andy autograph and SCA window cling!

A couple more SCA 'Vettes.

Here's trouble ...
Alan, Dave, Carolyn, Randy ...

... Chelby, Dave, Karen & Phyllis.

Joe & Sue were cathing some rays.

Time to let the celebration begin!

Alan wins People's Choice or C5-B class!

The SCA won Best Club Participation!!

Alan, Mike & Bob pose with their trophies.

Bob won for Furthest Distance Traveled.