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Pinellas Park Homecoming

Arrival at school.

Tom & Kathy's new ride.

Cory & Julie's black beauty.

Cory& Julies plus Jack & Linda's.

Georia's C3 & Ernie's C6.

Jack & Linda's arrest me red.

Kelly's little red wagon.

SCA looking good.

Mike makes it to complete the group.

I wonder what they are all talking about.

Julie, Linda, Georgia & Corky.

Kelly waiting for Joe to polish up her ride.

Relaxing before we eat.

Shannon, George and Tom & Kathy.

Ernie bringing Mike up to speed on the 09 Caravan.

The group is ready for the event.

Shannon will lead the group.

George's car goes with the dress.

I hope I am crowned the queen.

Let the show begin.

I cann't believe I am in a Corvette!

I like the Black Vette.

Shannon has her rider on board.

This is so cool!

And just look who escorted this year's crowned queen!