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SCA Christmas Party 2006

The grand door prize ...

... along with the other awesome door prizes!

We were gathered around the tables and looking great!
Jack, Linda, Millie, Laura, Charlie, Kathy & Tom.

Barb, Rick, Jeff, Sonja, Denny, Christine, Steve & Sandy.

Mike, Cis, Roy, Roxanne, Georgia & Roland.

Madonna, John ... gee, has anyone seen Bob tonight?

Steve, Angel, John, Marie, Cathy, Walt, June & Jerry.

Joe, Kellie's parents; Mary Ann & Ben, Jeff, Vera & Ron.

Bill, Ronnie, Paul, Vera, Chris, Bill, Doc & Natalie.

Phyllis, Dave, Sally, Robert, Larry, John (hiding) & Sue.

Wow! Ernie's a very lucky man, indeed!

Linda, Ron, Ed (standing), Ken, Cherie, ReneƩ & Sid.

Dennis, Debbie, Carolyn, Chelby, Alan & Mitzi (standing).

What a pile of super gifts!

Y ... M ...

... C ... A!

Bill & Chris.

Millie & Ernie.

George & Carol.

Natalie & Doc.

Paul & Vera.

Ronnie & Bill.

Madonna & John.

June & Jerry.

Laura & Charlie.

As perplexing as it may have been, it was time to select that special gift. Tami gives it a shot.

Chelby's turn.

Go Walt!

Jeff takes his turn.

Doc knows what he likes ...

... and so does George!

Ken's up to bat, with Alan's help of the next draw.

Shannon ... that's not nice!

Look, Larry thinks one of Mitzi's chosen gifts is a fiddle!

Guess who had their gifts stolen the most!
Poor Mitzi, she visited the table on nine different occasions!

Cis is up next ... excellent work by Alan & Randy, once again!

Linda takes what she wants!

Hey, says Jerry!

John's not letting that one go!

Linda's got hers.

Dennis ... also a bit perplexed. Or, is he taking orders from Debbie?

Cathy was the last one to decide. Steal or not to steal.

Kellie & Cis cut a rug.

Mike was at his striptease act again this year ... thanks to Shannon's persuasive ways.
Money was flying everywhere!

Cis, Georgia, Mike & Kellie ... CHEERS!

Tom & Kathy.

Get'n down!

Roy & Roxanne.

Special thanks to our Aurora and her team and our incredible bartender, Jeanette!

Bad ... very bad!