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Automotive Engineering Car Show & Expo

Jack took these nice photos. Thanks Jack!
Our SCA 'Vettes come out strong once again!
John & Madonna's hot rod lookin' good!

Mike & Cis' ride.

Alan & Chelby's fine 'Vette.

Bernie & Lucy's hot rod.

William & Terry's C2.

Shannon & Mike's ride.

Georgia's fine ride.

Jack & Linda's sweet 'Vette.

Ed's speedster.

Great shot's of our ...

... rides all lined up.

Mustangs get no respect!

Roy gets some TLC after his mishap.

Alan & Bernie under cover.

Here are some other shots of the day ...

... Mike gets down to business ... 'FINALLY', said Shannon!

Mike, Shannon & Joe.

Roy looks warm now.

Tom & Joe.

Mike accepts the Club Participation trophy!

Jerry takes home a Best of Show prize!

Ed accepts his award.

Chelby & Alan win too!

Roy's hard work pays off.

Shannon takes home this nice award!

George & Carol win big.

Jack & Linda are also winners.

Bernie ... all smiles, as always!

Tom & Kathy, also winners.

Sam takes home another trophy!

David Gluck steps up for an appearance.

John & Madonna love this!

Our newest members Ed & Karen, also take home an award!

Georgia gets the trophy and a big hug, too!

Time to eat at our favorite place ...

... Suncoast Family Restaurant ...

And then wish Happy Birthday to Ernie!

Ed sent these great images. Thanks Ed!