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Annual Memorial Day SCA Picnic

This year's caravan to the our Annual Memorial Day SCA Picnic began at Kash N Karry ...

... ended at Walsingham Park in Largo.

Steve, Sandy, Barb and Rick found a little waterfront shade.

Where Millie, Kathy & Ernie didn't mind the strong Florida rays.

John & Madonna arrive.

Anita & John enjoy the shad and watch the kids frolic with the sporting events.

Our SCA 'Vettes were all present and accounted for ...

... even Mike's C4, just back from the Corvette Doctor!
The crowd gathered around to get a glimpse ...

... at what had not been seen. An LT1 rebuilt and machined-out into what is now a new 383 Stroker! Meaner and even louder than before and sporting its new interior that hadn't been seen but once, since being installed back in January.


Good conversations found under each tree.

Eli goes for the grab!

June, John & Madonna enjoy the shelter area ...

... as does Dave.

Roy & George ... oh boy, here we go again!

Rick took the opportunity to get a tan.

Our special SCA cake was the talk ...

... of the town! Just look at the crowd gathered around to get a glimpse.

Kelle took a water break.

And Gabby took a cake break!

Gosh, Shannon dices that cake, like a pro. Look out Tom!

Mike was beaming with pride. He got to enjoy his favorite part ...

... his C4! It was a day to celebrate, indeed!

Time to egg-a-round just a little. The egg relay was a blast.

Well this is certainly one way to spark ...

... the competition among ...

... each of our SCA Members

... and couples. Joe & Kellie show us how it's done.

And the youngsters also had the chance ...

... to show us that they ...

... have skills too!

Karen draws the lucky raffle prize winner. And the winner is? ...

... of course, Dave!

George wins Corvette cologne. Hmm, I wonder what it must smell like. Mobil 1 or a grease monkey?

Roy wins a bag of serious goodies! Congrats to Roy ... he always wins!

Our SCA youth tried their hands (I mean feet) at soccer too!

Special thanks to Georgia & Roland (not pictured) for providing the sporting equipment!

The girls even had swings to enjoy, which were right next to our pavilion.

What form, time for a little 'shoes. Tom shows us once again, how it's supposed to be done.

Mike gives it the ole college try ...

... as does Roland.

Mark seems to have it down pretty good.

... and there's no mistake here, Jerry knows 'shoes.
Jerry & Mike teamed up agains Roland & Mark.
Final score, Roland & Mark come from way behind to beat Jerry & Mike, 21 - 15.

Jack provided these super images. Thanks Jack!

Our SCA 'Vettes in the lot.

B-I-N-G-O ... once again a hit. Mike calls the shots ... but isn't he supposed to?

Shannon and Georgia surveying the fun & games.

Don't eat the markers! Well, try not to, 'cause they were delicious bits of sweet cereal.

More views of the rides.

Tom, John, Anita, Doc, Ed & Larry.