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SCA Bridge Breakfast Run

We began our SCA Bridge Breakfast Run at the Country Skillet on Roosevelt Blvd.

We had good weather, after the morning rain fell.

Breakfast was good ...

... but it was soon time to get the instructions for the day from Shannon.

As we heard the word ...

... it was time to embark on our journey ...

... over all our tourist-famous bridges across Tampa Bay's waters.

First bridge on the agenda was our Bayside Bridge.
Followed by the trip over to Hillsborough by the Courtney Campbell.
Then back to Pinellas via the Howard Franklin.
Then back to Tampa by way of the Gandy.

Then it was one last time on the H.F. to enjoy a break at Panera Bread Co.

Roland & Joe had a ball speeding ahead and taking photos of the group as we passed along.

The raffles were about to be drawn.

As we all ...

... look on ...

... with enthusiasm.

Who will it be to first win and get to decide which to bag to choose? Jacob only knows.

Turns out, Curtis was the first to win. He chose the flashlight/radio. Perfect for fishing!

Phyllis & Dave took the second drawing and were delighted with it's many contents. Can't get lost with that road sign!

But that Flash Auto Detailing products were are hit.

After we spent our brief break in the restaurant ...

... it was time once again ...

... to mount up. We elected to do one last bridge ...

... the Skyway!

After we reached our destination we took advantage of a cool photo op.

Roland took many more photos, which will be posted along with these shortly.

Needless to say, our journey across Tampa Bay's water was a blast. We'll look forward to the next time we cruise.

Roland took these super photos and many more.
He can make large prints of each of the photos he took, and imprint them on many unique products.
Check out Roland's new website,, which will be online in a few days! Thanks Roland!
Our journey began as we embarked across the Bayside Bridge.

Here we are now heading across the Gandy.



Exiting the Gandy.


Kellie & Georgia.


Dave & Phyllis.

Tom & Kathy.

Mike (peace out) & Shannon.

Our stop at Panera Bread Co.

Lastly, our trip to the Skyway.

Joe's interior gleams in the evening sunshine.

Joe ... gets serious when cruising.


Wheels ...

... of Ron & Jodi.

Mike & Shannon and their ...

... wheels.

Destination south Skyway. Time for some photo opps.

Peggy & Curtis.

Mike, Joe, Ron & Jodi.

Mike, Dave, Harry & Jacob.

Shannon & Mike.