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Burger King Car Show

Just as soon as we arrived, a couple had to vacate.

As the rain began fall ...

... we all took shelter inside the BK.

There's nothing like a little snack.



Li'l red rides were seen everywhere.

Newest member to be, Jim Dence's very nice stock '86.

Nice beading ...

... all over ...

... the place!

Did I mention beading?

Jack had enough of the beads, time to get'em dry.

John and Anita were getting it done too.

And so was George.

Sweet old cars make this show every week.


Ah, that's better.

Did we mention the Li'l Red Rider was there too?

Is that James Dean? ... or Mike?

Mike's engine is sure pretty with all that chrome.

Working it ...

... as a team.

Joe knows Flash!


Geo & John.

Ron & Shannon take time to say hi!

I'd say there was a little divine intervention tonight in order for the rain to disappear as rapidly and the gorgeous weather to reappear.

Geo had to bolt.




Perplexed for a moment, Jack finally discovered (with Roy's help) ...

... where the linkage is for the 2nd & 3rd carbs.

What a great car show with super people.

After a while, it was time for George & Carol to fly.

Spot was happy to be a part of the show again this year.



Ewwws & Awwws!

Walt was able to make the show with his fine Chevy Avalanche. He said it has a Corvette color, that definitely counts.
We were also to say hi on the phone to Cathy who was out of town, but would have loved to have been with us.

Joe had to do a quick fix ... but Ron looked like he was looking at the heart of Frankenstein!

And of course a few of us just had to ...

... go out for a late dinner ...

... at Applebee's!