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14th Annual 'Corvettes @ The Pier' - Our People

The preparation stuffing those giveaway bags. Wow ... what a process.

Shannon, Georgia, Kristina & Kellie bustin' it.

Simultaneously, Mike was making last-minute updates/printouts of the roster and labels ...

... and then there was Gabby's way of working on it.

Ready or not, here they come!

Shannon greats car #1.

The success of our premiere event depends perfect organization.

This year's staging area was the trick to smooth parking. Alan, Jack, Tom, Mike & Bernie.


Georgia manages the flow of them rides ...

... while the guys do another amazing job of parking.

Joe & Bill, great teamwork!

Shannon greets Andy.








Sweet rides.



Georgia & Shannon take their jobs very serious, while having a great time doing it.

Roland works the shutter, while Alan does his thing to help move the 'Vettes through.

Security only had one main job, do what Shannon said.

Joe helps guide them in.


Squeezing them into all the tight spots takes a careful approach.

Mike takes a stroll.

Flashwax & Kellie were ready for the big day.

Matt and his boy, Jacob visit their Matthew Noyes sponsored trophy display and take time to enjoy the beautiful sunshine and view.

John & Eli do their part judging the Custom class.

Jack & Bernie judge the C5 class.

Joe & Ron judge the C1s.

This shot says it all ... Bill knows parking.

Mike making sure all going smooth.

Eli takes a quick break.


Mike part of the Picturizit staff ...

... with Roland.

Tom makes the parking responsibilities look easy.

Special thanks to everyone who helped make the show/club sales & club promotions a HUGE success.


Singing in the rain.

Barb takes time for a photo opportunity.

Mike and Alan talk over the details.

Mother nature made the day memorable. Shannon smiles in the face of adversity.

SCA HQ, never looked so good.

What an incredible team!