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Spaghetti Dinner Fundraiser

Apparently, Mike really enjoys playing the leader roll.

Shannon made it!

Ernie & Millie having a good time ... as usual.

Joe, David, Kellie & Doris.

Roy & Roxanne.

Roland looks ready to eat some more.

David & Joe.


Eli serves the SCA tables.

Good conversation everywhere.

Tom & Kathy.

Some more quality speak.

John & Madonna.

Corky & Julie.

Felice & Ed.

Bill, Dave, Karen & George.

Georgia & Kathy.

I think spaghetti is the SCA's middle name.

BSA Troop 417 2008.
Thank you to everyone in the SCA for your incredible support over the years!

Bob took these photos. Thanks Bob!
Eli & Mike were moving almost as fast as our 'Vettes, waiting on our SCA supporters.

My, what a happy group!

Mike, Bob & Eli.