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Pizza & Pipes and Ellenton Mall Cruise

While heading south we discovered this ship, with an eastward heading.

An absolutely perfect day ...

... for our first cruise of the year!


While at Pizza & Pipes, we made it an SCA 'Vette show too!

Dave & Doris.


The music and performance were spectacular ...

... and the company at the table ...

... was comparably good.




And here's our SCA 'Vette show #2 at the Ellenton mall.



Somone was left out of the fun ...

... and likely wanted to be in front ...

... but that just wasn't going to happen this time either!

Joe had some fun with this warm gear ...

... but I believe Shannon had a little more fun!

The Skyway journey home.

What a nice ride on a day with such clear skies and tempered temps.

Jack took these great photos of the day. Thanks Jack!

















We took the opportunity for a group photo. Bob, Linda, Corky, Kathy, Tom, Julie, Ann, Bob, Linda, Dave, Doris, Mike, Shannon, Kellie, Jack & Joe.