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SCA Halloween Party 2008

Jack & Linda.

Tom & Kathy.

Roland & Georgia.

Mike & Shannon.

Our helpful supporting staff.

Cis & Mike.

Felice & Ed ... or is it Ed & Felice? I can't tell!

Roxanne & Roy.

Cis & Georgia.

George & Carol.

What an incredible display!

Special thanks to Julie who created ALL our delicious desserts for the evening.

What an impressive set up at the entry way!

Cyndi greets everyone.

Julie & Corky.

June & Jerry.

On guard!

Kellie & Joe.

Phil, our DJ entertainment of the evening. He doesn't always look this nerdy, girls! Just as Shannon.

Millie & Ernie.

Awesome group and fantastic SCA support ... as always!

Bob & his date.

Zorro giving a few pointers to this secret agent? Perhaps?

Roxanne & Cis share good conversation.


Joe & Corky.

Fun times by all.




Kathy cheers on the SCA! The club's favorite costume!

Liz & Bob.

Pamela knows the groove.

Archie cuts a rug.

Super Girl & Pamela show their stuff.

Magnum PI getting down.


Joe & Kellie having a good time on the dance floor.

Rod Stewart & Cyndi. What would the tabloids think?

The king and his gal.

Corky all smiles.

Ron ... or is it Johnny Cash? Hmmm?

Another fun table.

And yet, another.

That's just wrong!

Carol. & George.

Show us your moves Elvis!

The ladies are on the floor.

Liz can groove, too!

Cis & June having a great time.