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Kingfish Tournament SCA Display

One of Scott's three perfect condition '82s.

Bob & Liz's blue coupe.

Ed & Felice's cool toy.

Ernie & Millie's flaming yellow roadster.

Bob & Nancy's red hot roadster.

Jack & Linda's awesome ride. Looks like a guy with a ton of time on his hands did the detail work!

Tom & Kathy's fine ride.

Dave & Doris's great-looking Z06.


Corky & Julie's black beauty.



Chevy's rule!

What can you say, it's a Mustange ... but a classic, nonetheless.

Sweet flames.

Oh, so nice!

SCA's finest!

Another beautiful set of wheels.

Bob's white knight.

Mike put the sparkle on Shannon's great looking '03

Mike's hot wheels.

Group shot, nice turnout!

Charile's band did a fantastic job once again this year!

Mike and a few members along with the Blue Demon.

This fabulous ride pulled in as we were getting ready ...

... to break up for the night. Wow, what a mean sound it has!

A little Surprise from the group to celebrate Jack's retirement.

Congratualtions to Jack, who committed 30 years hard-work to Pinellas County!

The group planning were to go for dinner.