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Annual Memorial Day SCA Picnic

The weather was perfect and the shelter was ...

... parked under the shade!

Roland holds up one of the picnic tables as SCA Picnic-goers arrive.

Scurrying around, our volunteers hustle to get things ready.

Before we knew it, our uninvited guests turned up in flocks.

George & Carol pull in to one of the cooler spots.

Jack once again manned the grill. Special thanks to Corky & Julie for the use of their fab grill.

Let the food fest begin!

Anita & John enjoying today's courses of burgers and hot dogs.

Awesome accommodations ...

... fantastic folks...

... special smiles ...

... what more

... could we ...

... or should we ...

... expect?

How about GREAT food!

Georgia & Bob enjoy the time to chat.

Kathy takes opportunity to have Jack work his magic at the grill.

Jerry, Joe & Kellie.

And as tradition would have it, ...

... our smokin' hot SCA 'Vettes rolled in with style.







Hey, has anyone seen Joe? It appears he's A.W.O.L.!

Ah, shinnin' and profilin'!

FSTKARRs were everywhere!

Kristina had to leave us, to help Publix's profits.

Thanks to our B-I-N-G-O assistance!

Jack provided these images. Thanks Jack!
The banner is going up!

It's up!

Best Shelter in the park.

Concentration on opening a bottle.

Corky, Julie, Joe, Dave and Bob probably discussing Flash products.

Dave explaining the rules of the game to Mike.

Do we have everything.

Ed and Felice on time.

Everything is in order waiting for the group to arrive.

George and Carol waiting for the fixins.

Great looking rides.

Grill set up on time!

Harry and Jake arriving.

Harry, Jake and Mike waiting for the line to go down.

Here comes Bob and Nancy!

Hot dog and burger for Ernie ... please?