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... more Annual Memorial Day SCA Picnic

It is not nice to make fun of the chef!

Joe showing Kellie the way in.

John and Anita in their new FRC!

Kathy and Allan topping of their plates.

Kathy having a good time. And don't worry, Tom ate.

Kellie and Georgia in line for ther hot dog and burger.

Looks like Bob and June have their burgers.

Lucy and Bernie relaxing in the shade.

Master chef at work (ha ha!).

Mike and Gabby getting their plates ready.

Mike, Dave and Doris chowing down.

Millie and Mom all set up.

The kids were there too!

More of the Club's fine rides.

This year's gift basket.

What happened Ed was not first in line.

And the winner of the 50/50 ... Phyllis!

Ed was our winner of the gift basket. What else is new?

Your SCA Board of Directors. Thanks to you ALL!

The SCA Picnic Gang (Shannon and Kristina not pictured).
Shannon had to take Kristina to work. :(