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Rays' Game & Dine Out!

We all piled into 2 Non-SCA'Vettes and headed downtown.

By the time we got there, the skies had opened up into a full-out deluge.

We can never say that Roy & Roxanne aren't prepared. They had ponchos and umbrellas to get us to The Trop!

Shaken but not stirred, we made it. Time to play ball!

Not long after the first pitch, it was time for a few .50 hot dogs, Cracker Jacks and great big souvenir soda!

Gabby, Bernie, Roland, Georgia, Jack & Linda (hiding on purpose!).

Roxanne, Roy, Liz & Bob.

Rosemary & Bill.

Mike & Gabby enjoying their Daddy/Daughter date!

Did we mention it was .50 hot dog night!?

Benny makes that catch every time!

Jacob, Matt & Gabby. Jacob gives his daddy a GREAT BIG KISS!

Jacob & Matt had to go home for a little bedtime story. I bet it was about how the Rays were the 2008 AMERICAN LEAGUE CHAMPIONS, just last year!

Gabby FINALLY had the chance to touch a Ray at the Ray Tank!

Pena is Gabby's favorite guy! She got to meet him this summer. His daughter goes to the same school.

Tim to turn on the orange lights! RAYS WIN! RAYS WIN! Rays 3, Orioles 1