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SCA Member's Progressive Dinner

Getting ready for our trip around the county.
It goes without saying, I guess we'll do almost anything for food!


Bob & Susan slide in and then shoot of for a quick burger at BK.

Milton & Gisela join us just before we take off.

Tom in the rearview mirror!! It can't be!!
Trust me, it wasn't long before he was leading the pack.


Once we arrived at Bob & Nancy's house, we were graciously greeted by their youngest neighbors.
They were laughing and enjoying our rides as we pulled in. They'd never seen so many 'Vettes at once. They really enjoyed our visit!


Bob & Nancy no doubt had plenty of room for us.




What a fantastic view.

Oh yeah!

The appetizers were absolutely superb!

Shannon & Felice chat about the evening's expectations.

Before we new it, it was dark and time to head to Georgia's for salad.

Ah, we mad it. Mmmm. The salad was FANTASTIC!




Felice & Ed, always looking for a glamor opportunity.

Then it was time. Georgia opened the garage and out came her fab. C3!

Arriving now at Bob & Nancy's #2. The surprise they had in store for the club was just about to become known.




Bob & Nancy even had hired-help on hand. Their parking/greeting staff was a nice touch!

And what a gorgeous club house! Complete with a library with movies.

When spent a few minutes getting acquainted with our dining quarters and the rest of the club house.


The main course was now served. Wow. Sliced ham, macaroni & cheese (the real deal), vegetable casserole dinner rolls and iced-tea. Wow!!



Mike & Shannon were outta there like a shot put. Heading home to beat the caravan and finish setting up with Kristina, Gabby & Eli.

The house was perfectly arranged and ready ...

... for a sudden SCA invasion of members ready for those delectable sweets. Mmm.







Alright! Check out the 'Vettes in Mike & Shannon's front yard and street. SWEET!

Boy, this just had to increase the property value!

All the ...

... way down ...

... the street ...

... and in...

... the garage!