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Sarasota Car Museum & Troyer's Restaurant

We arrived all in one rubber banding caravan. That goodness the SCA Caravan had maps and all of us knew exactly how to get there. The lights on 41 were brutal to our group's integrity.

George & Tom talked about the route.

Liz gets in the very first automobile and the oldest corvette known to man!

Wow! What don't they have here!

Phillip was our tour guide again this trip. Gosh, he's just incredibly knowledgeable and so willing to share his intelligence.
Thank you Phillip!

As found on the right. Completely restored to original glory on the left.

Long? Can you saaaaay looooong?

Early transmission.


Got grill?

Yep, it's a Chevy!


Oh ... that's just sweet!

Meep Meep!


Nope, not real. It's a fake. Err, a concept car that is.

Big T-Bird!

Big engine!

Massarati. Nice!




Gabby had to take a break too. That's a lot of walking!




He's the man!

Got future?


Wow, that's John Lennon's infamous psychedelic ride, man! Wow, now that's a real trip!


Got speed?

One of the museum's very first exhibits, some 53 years ago. Left the museum for a few years and a couple different owners. But, eventually came back.


Tire production in the early days.

Now, time for the elite rides for sale next door in the classic show room.

Gosh, now that's some bullets! Whoa!

Stainless roof ...

... and check out where they placed the gas cap. Just cool design!


Oh Shannon?? Where are you?? I'm calling for you?


Just love that hood ornament!


Yes, even this boat from 1924!


Time for Troyer's!

What a great group to break bread with!

Who's hungry ...

... and willing to wait in that buffet line!