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CPR Class & Lunch at Mugs

Class. Now class! Shut up!
Well, that's not really how it was.
Our SCA CPR Class was a good group of attentive students who want to help others. Now that's the best kind of class you can ever have.


Our instructor is a fire chief and he knows his business!

Jerry & June make it to class ... I hope the teacher wasn't mad.

I think Gabby was the class' angel.



Kathy getting it done!

Bill's working that dummy over in the SCA's CPR class.



Ray shows the rest of us what he learned.

After class we went to Mugs.

We were on duty, just in case someone had a little trouble with their wings bones.

Fortunately, our class worked and no one had and problems eating!

Great job class! What a perfect photo of our students. Bill & Sue's grandson was definitely the class clown.