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Corvettes on the Isle in Venice

The SCA Caravan met at the BK, where the newly-formed caravan committee had everything set and ready.

Heading south to the Venice Corvette Show! ETA: 1/2 hour. WEATHER: Wet.


We had just enough time to get settled in before ...

... the rains came for good.



Jerry put on his engine just after arriving. And once again became the talk of the show.


George's 'stock' engine.





Then it was all we could do to TRY and keep them dry.

Hey, look who came to the show ... and WON People's Choice for his class.
Congrats to Joe & Kellie!

Gott'a love it!

Jerry & Ed debate the ominous skies.








Shannon & our very newest SCA Member Jim & Lydia (not pictured) Moscato. Welcome to the SCA!

Nice C4.

Just cool!

And very sweet indeed.

The skies just opened up all over us. Which didn't discourage Shannon from posing by this other beauty!

Gee, thanks Roy!

And you know Roy was up there just giggling at us.

Who's Wet? Cold? And Hungry?


Let's get in there!

Looking over the menu.

Joe & Jerry.


Jerry & June.

Oh yeah!

That's what I'm talkin'bout!

We had a rather pleasant cruise back north. The rain was minimal and the ride was smooth.