Close Window

SCA Halloween Party 2005

We came as the spooky & cute ... lined up for the delicious food!



It took nearly all night to figure out who the scary Monk was. Well done Dennis!

Dave was hiding behind this gnarly mask.


George, as The Great Pumpkin!
Part I ...

... and Part II!

Mike was ready for a 'bite' at this point in the food line!


After food, it was time to "cut-a-rug!"


Fast Breaks Entertainment was tops!
We're looking forward to doing it again at our SCA Christmas Party!

Here are some close-ups of everyone at the party!











Get down Steve & Pat!

What a pair, George & Carol, Chelby & Alan ...

... and Walt & Cathy, too.



Travolta's got nothin' on Sid!

Roland & Georgia swing'n!

Larry & Shannon do the twist.


Phyllis & Dave groove'n!

The SCA can certainly shake & bake!

Luis & Alison order an adult beverage.


What a performance & show by Ed & Georgia!

Welcome back to our fab pirates, June & Jerry.

After the smoke cleared ...

... we couldn't believe ...

... our eyes!

Yes .. line dancing IS fun!


The 50/50 winner is ...

... Roland!

Gary takes home the 50/50 alternate gift, a Jack-O-lantern candle.

Now for the Halloween Costume winners!
RRR ... Best Couple goes to ... Mike & Ciss!

And the brick house winner ... ehm, Carolyn wins Most Creative!

This one was very close.
Dave Husted was voted the Scariest!