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Pinellas Park Homecoming

Starting out in the shade!
Say, what's with John's ride? Why is it parked differently than everyone else's? Just like Paul McCartney being out of step. What's up with that?


The guys were getting some standing around practice in and thinking about what the school was going to feed us ...

... while the ladies were having useful conversations.

The SCA made it to the field, with style & presence!

Oh yeah!







All ready to relax and enjoy now.

What a super school for the way they ALWAYS host our volunteerism.

Everyone had more than enough food.

The wraps were fantastic! ...

... and the chili was the best!

Special thinks to Giselle for hosting us!

We had a beautiful evening.

After the Star-Spangled Banner was played by the band, team SCA was ready to ride as soon as the homecoming coach called to put us in the game.

Ready Ed? Go!

Ed and his gal.

Mike and his.

Bob does huge donuts with his girl.

George knows homecomings!

Bob and his.

... eh hem, I mean, to the next group of young ladies.

Milton and his girl.



George makes another delivery.

All lined up.

.pu denil llA.

Mike enjoys the opportunity to help out.

The court makes their way across the field.

Go Milton go!

Tom shows off a little.

Sweet I.

John, his gal and his C3.

Ed makes another trip.

Bob, is she dizzy yet?

George ... I think Carol is gonna find out that makes 3!

I said ... SLOW DOWN MIKE!
Gosh, those Mike's just need to ease up on the pedal.

Milton's got style.

The Queen is crowned and awaits her chariot! ...

Ed gets the honors to escort the queen ...

... and HIS gal!
Sweet II!

Gee, some guys have all the luck!