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Annual Memorial Day SCA Picnic

Almost there! Time to set up before everyone arrives.

Bob stakes the SCA signs to show the way.

Bill set up the obvious for those who just might miss us.

The breeze was crazy?


How many SCA Members DOES it take to light a fire? ...

... well, with that darn much breeze, as many as we can get!

Who's up for a sporting game or two of horseshoes?

First goes Bob.

Then Sue show her skill.

And June has form.

Time to eat!

Everyone grab a plate ...

... and head over and ...

... see Mike! He's ready to serve it up!

What a great location for our pavilion.

Mike's giving Gabby lessons ...

... while the shade is getting some good use.

Gabby's turn.

Whoa! Those were some pretty good lessons!

Time to play! Gabby & Dad, against John & Jerry.

Mike & Jerry ... always goofing around.

What happened to the shade?



And lawn jarts occupied many on the other side.

We'd much rather play B-I-N-G-O!




Everyone was listening intently ...

... while Mike calls the numbers.


After bingo Gabby took flight ...

... and rides!


Awe, they're so cute!
See you next year fellas!