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May Dine Out Night & Drag Races!

The group gathers

Bob Jankowski finally arrives

So whadda are we wait'en fer

Not so stock Vette

Pretty soon he won't need the training wheels!


Not so stock camaro

Nice Cuda

Red, White & Yeller???




Cuda making a trial run

Sorry rice burner

C4 turns in the 90's


Awwwwsome 57 Vette


What's with all the training wheels?

57 Vette trial run.

Hang on!

Darn, only made 127 MPH

Must be that darn Chinese Nitro

This time for REAL, on good ole American Nitro




That's more like it.

146 MPH in 1/8th mile !!!!!!!!! Under 5 seconds.

Bob takes a practice run

Then a real race.





Sorry truck!

The only time that night a Vette lost. Vette vs Vette.

Their off

Red gets the jump


Red leads

Red leads

Red leads

Red still leads

Neck & Neck

WHITE WINS! What a finish

Vette vs truck

Note the white lights on top of the Vette's scoreboard. Again, sorry truck.

GTO wheelstand. That takes some real torque!

Sorry Camaro