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July Dine Out Night!

Mmm ... I believe we've found a new hangout!
Tom, Kathy, George & Carol.

Georgia & Roland. And the mystery photographer? Mike.

Check out that spread!

They even have liver & onions for all you kids who don't like it. George and Georgia sure LOVE liver & onions. Must be something in the name?

So, all throughout dinner someone was talking up their new ride. Yep!
'Mustang Georgia' now has a brand new 2011 'California Special' Mustang with more than 400 hp!

And all on the same night, Tom & Kathy made a special announcement too! They should have been cruising in their new ride as well, but it just didn't quite work out for a duel between new 'Stang vs. 'Vette. We'll let Tom & Kathy fill you in on all their details. But for Georgia's, here you are!

Apparently we just couldn't get enough of us Corvette enthusiasts gawking at it though. Guess we're really just car buffs at heart, huh?

Love that color! Personally, I think it might look even better on a C3.


Ooo! Much HP!



Nice interior package with the CS edition. Plus, Georgia chose one with the electronic package, which includes the very fine navigation system.


Very nice wheels.

And you just gotta love the 'car show ready' multi-colored fiber optic lighting, built in the doors & sills.

So, can anyone tell me what's wrong with this picture? And it's not the color blue.