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18th Annual 'Corvettes @ The Pier' - The Trophies

18th Annual 'Corvettes @ The Pier' Show trophies were sooooo colorful this year!

C1 Top Three
Lance & Debbie Obst
Don & Martha Ondrejcak
Paul Budick

C2 Top Three
Bill & Joan Kaupp
Sue Guenther
Dennis Mullen

C3 Top Three
Neil Guenther
Charlie & Patricia Schlau
Douglas & Susan Rose

C4 Top Three
Kris Fehlandt
Don Stadler
Tom Renz

C5 ('97-00) Top Three
James Clark
Al Moledor
John & Nancy Willis

C5 ('01-'04) Top Three
Judy Pariseau
Bill Donatini
Leonard Libersher

C6 ('05-'07) Top Three
Kent Mitchell
James White
Thomas & Jeanne Burden

C6 ('08-Present) Top Three
Randy Wilson
Curt & Carolyn Norton
Ryan & Diana Reid

Bobby Wright
Gary Lewandowski
Rudy Neilson
Bob Cook (after further review)

Albert & Heather Corsetti, Jr.
Jack & Linda Tipton
Graham & Elizabeth Reedy
Sal Cerniglia (after further review)

Best Club Participation - Tampa Bay Vettes

Valve Cover Races Winner - Jerry Paradise

Pier's Choice - George & Chicki Crane

Tampa Bay 'Vettes takes home this year's Best Club Participation.


Our winners were estatic!














'The Pier's Choice' winners were estatic!

CONGRATULATIONS to all our winners, participants and their awesome rides! And here's to our SCA Members who busted their tails!
The 18th Annual 'Corvettes @ The Pier' Show is in the books ... CHEERS!

See you all next year!