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SCA Christmas Party 2011

An awesome night with terrific raffel prizes. Special thanks to Lucy for donating the commemorative '63 Split-window Plate & Lamp.

Our gift table was piling up with many cool car-related presents.

Many thanks to Kristina (and Matt) for the super SCA-themed dessert.

Mmm! I wonder who the yellow 'Vette was for?

John & Madonna, George (our guest of honor) & Carol and Liz & Bob ... oh Bob, where are you?

Milton & Gisela, Bob & Nancy, Sue & Bill and Bob.
Or is it Sue and Bill & Bob? Hmm. I'll tell you, Bob could lure anyone with that fine sweater!

Ray & Elaine and Eliene's sister, Sue & Bob.

Ron & Linda and Cherie & Ken.

Georgia, Sis & Mike, Lynn & Harry and Roland.

Matt & Kristina (the newly weds) and Samantha & Eli.

Time to cut a rug!





More photos will certianly be added. So stay tuned.

Georgia & Cis.

Eli & Samantha, Mike, Kristina & Matt.

Liz & Bob.

Nancy & Bob.

Bob & Susan.

Samantha & Eli.

Carol & George.

Lynn & Harry.

Madonna & John.

Cherie & Ken.

Cis & Mike.

Gisela & Milton.

Ron & Linda.

Sue & Bill.