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Installation of New SCA Officers

Our Annual January SCA Meeting.



Let's eat!



Sue works the 50/50.




Mike's new seat from the quorum ... and SITTING DOWN, nonetheless.

How foreign is this view, anyway?

Hey ... why is George over there!?

Mike Karr
2004 - 2011
In appreciation for all the hard work, dedication
and leadership to the Suncoast Corvette Association.

This the award that Georgia presented to Mike along with a gift in appreciation.
This certainly culminated as Mike's proudest moment
as President of the best Corvette Club!
Roland did an fabulous job superimposing Mike and his ride on The Pier, while including each of the past 'Corvettes @ The Pier' T-shirt designs Mike created.
Just truly awesome!!

2011 Officers: Bob, Georgia, Mike & Sue

Mike said, 'Thank you to each of you, for eight of the most rewarding years anyone could ever hope for!'

2012 Officers: George, Vice President; Bob, Activities Coordinator; Georgia, President; Mike, President (Ret.); and Sue, Activities Coordinator.

Get ready. 'Cause you're in for a wild ride now!