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Corvettes on the Isle in Venice

We started out on the north of the Skyway.

What an absolutely perfect day for a Corvette show!

Mike & Shannon's new FSTKARR, 'Fire Chief!'

Bob & Liz's fine C4.

Bill & Sue's sweet convertible.

Sue immediately gets to work passing along the good word of the SCA.

There's a fun and yet memorable story about this fine yellow C6.
Just ask Mike or Shannon to tell you all about it.



















Hmm. That sounds like it could be fun!

One beautiful C1!




Well, looky there! The Pier Show flyers are out and about!








Got yellow accessories?!





Order Up!! Hey, who ordered the hot dog & fries?




Bob & Liz win People's Choice in his C4 class!

Congrats! One trophy out of three SCA representatives. Which means 33% of the SCA participants took home trophies! And that's definitely the best winning percentage of clubs at the show!

Home is just over that mountain.