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... more Mystery Cruise - Inside the Castle

Gift shop lobby

Everything hand made from recycled materials


Gathering for the tour


Can you find the speaker? The hair is made from motorcycle chains

I think they were playing the Flight of the Bumble Bee


Nice truck

This really worked!


All these statues were made from old oil drums








Made from almost 800 pieces of wood


Just a plane old wall

Solomon's picture window



Everything has it's own story, and he tells them all!

This picture was made from over 500 pieces of wood


Wright Brothers replica


Boy can this guy talk!

All artwork is made from pieces of wood


Really unique firearms

All made from machine and car parts


He calls it the Tourtise and the Hair (see the hair)

Don't think this was a good place to try and hide.


All made from recycled parts from something

Made from the farm plow shown in the small photo

He calls this one Evil Kornevil


A fish out of the water

He makes all the stained glass windows



All wire frame figures

All made from hundreds of clothes hangers