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Silver Springs Show 2005

We made our way northward ...

... and took a break at about 60 miles in.

Yep, security from this caravan of traveling trouble-makers would be wise!

We arrived in Silver Springs for their version of the rush hour 'hurry-up-and-wait.'

After arriving at our hotel, we settled into our weekend's dining room at Denny's.

We even found the fitness room to work off the calories!
Ed, Leeba & Mike were sweat'n to some TV.

Many nice rides were strewn about the parking lot.

Lined up and ready to pull into Silver Springs park.


Jeffrey the Giraffe 'greeted us' all day long, as we were conveniently parked right next door to his home.

Wiping off the morning dew.

The 'Vettes were done, and now it was time for fun!

Please watch your head!

The glass bottom boats we very cool & informative.

And check out those gators!


Wishful hopes of five-years for those who would stand in the center of the winding palm.

Yes, there was really a Corvette show ...




... and concert, too!

We didn't see Austin Power's little 'Brit car.

Mike & Shannon take home a People's Choice.

Astronomy was a real sight, on this special night ...

... and we laughed it away ...

... by the pool-side.

We passed around the camera for many different views.



The boys were ready to jump into this pool, too.

Did we mention we were at Denny's ... a lot!
This trip was for our mid-night dessert treat ...

... and Vicki topped off the evening.