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SCA Sunset Beach Cruise & Mike's 40th Birthday!

We began the SCA Sunset Cruise at, My Place on the Beach restaurant.




Mike was sure in for a real surprise later in the evening.

Those SCA 'Vettes were as sharp as ever!




Cruis'in down Gulf Blvd., we certainly turned some heads.





We arrived at our destination ...









An unbelievable sunset was bestowed upon us!




Scott made it in time to enjoy the view, too!

Reality for strikes for Mike!

We had a celebration with a gorgeous Suncoast setting!



Let the silliness begin! A cool '40' Old Man hat!

Yes, a much required Medical Kit.

Prune Juice to help keep things 'regular.'

A little assistance if things aren't 'regular.'

Here's a cute cuddly 40 Bear.

A 40 Can you 'Handle It?' coffee mug.

Everyone was enjoying the silly antics!

Especially Vera and Ronnie!

Don't forget the Geritol!

Shannon always says Mike drives like an Old Man anyway!
It must be true!

Let's not even mention 'SEX after 40' ... Okay?

Everyone wished their best to Mike, on this cute little doggie.

A '40 year-old Sucker!' ...

... and smaller ones for the gang to enjoy, too!

And here's to the SCA!
Thank you for an unforgettable party!
You ALL are very special to me!